Pilasters for EIFS and stucco
Pilasters for EIFS and stucco


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  • Use to spice up the look of your stucco or EIFS.
  • Pre-Based for quick and easy install.
  • Just install and add finish on top.
  • 8 foot lengths.
  • Sold by the piece.
  • See Installation instructions below in the description tab.
  • lightweight polymer-modified-acrylic-based flexible cementitious coating embedded with a fiberglass mesh.
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Product Description

Installation for Pilasters for EIFS and stucco

1. Apply Base Coat to the back of the moulding in a vertical pattern, using 3/8″

notched trowel.

2. Press the moulding into place. use temporary mechanical fastener if needed.

3. Remove excess adhesive (if any) along the moulding before curing.

4. Allow 24 hours to cure.

5. Add 4″ fiberglass mesh bridging the seam between the trim and the wall, 1/2 on the trim 1/2 on the wall.

6. allow 24 hours to cure.

7. Float finish on top.

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